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Welcome to our news page! Here you can read up on our latest exploits, ideas, projects and views. Find yourself a pew and enjoy some fresh air.

Posted by Josh Hughes
25.05.06 04:11am

The end.

As you have probably noticed, has finally pulled the offending design, but I'm sure that you will be interested to hear the twist in the tale... It turns out that only one of the designers - Adam Hays - was actually involved in the theft, while his colleague Victor Johnson was on holiday and totally unaware of the farce taking place. Sadly Victor's name has been not a little smeared by this issue, but he does appear to be an honest designer and was the one who gave the word for the site to be pulled so we do thank him for that. As far as we're concerned, the issue is closed and we're just glad that things didn't get any worse.

Posted by Josh Hughes
17.05.06 11:11am

We've been nicked.

In the great tradition of other more famous sites, has had its design stolen! We're not sure whether to bang our heads against the nearest wall at the type of people that sometimes masquerade as web designers, or celebrate the fact that is obviously worth stealing?

Just in case any of you are wondering if this claim is justified, we can confirm that we have sent two emails requesting that the site be changed, and have maintained a professional level of politeness, but the only response that we've had is having our IP address apparently blocked from their website! You would have thought that people who have just got a great design for free would be more grateful, wouldn't you? At the time of writing the site is still in breach of copyright, but we have reason to hope that things will get sorted soon.

If anyone wants to email the so-called "Desen Solutions Group" to express their feelings, please just make sure that you keep it reasonably professional. Thanks.

Posted by Josh Hughes
11.05.06 11:44am

Having a Mint. isn't currently running a stat system, but we're looking into the possibility of using Mint, which is produced by Shaun Inman (so it must be good).

Fresh update: It's here! Our Mint has landed. Fresh Branding is now proudly running the latest version of this awesome little bit of php... If you're looking for a powerful stat counter at a realistic price than why don't you try it for yourself?

Posted by Josh Hughes
10.05.06 03:21pm

Reboot critiques.

In the week (and a bit) that has passed since the CSS Reboot we've been flattered by the positive comments flying around. Particularly when they come from such well known sites as, and

Today has been set aside for beginning the task of padding out our portfolio with interesting content. I'm sure you'll agree that it looks a little less sorry for itself now! As always though, there is still a fair bit left to do. There's no rest for the wicked...

Posted by Josh Hughes
01.05.06 06:00pm

We (re)booted!

A fresh month, and a fresh website! Today at six seven o'clock Fresh joined with a grand total of 774 other 'rebooters' around the globe to launch our brand new portfolio site with an unadulterated combination of css and xhtml. Our brief was to produce a simple but effective site that would serve as an environment to showcase our studio projects and communicate with prospective clients.

Looking around, there seems to be a few areas that could take a little tuning, but the bulk of the work is done! Thanks to everyone who helped, and a particularly big 'thank you' to my wife Lizzie who has been missing a husband for a fair proportion of the last few weeks!

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