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Why choose Fresh Branding?
The Disability Discrimination Act.

Why choose Fresh Branding?

A search on Google for something like "graphic design" will quickly demonstrate that we are not alone in this business. In fact, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other similar design agencies out there. So how do you choose? From 'solo' web designers to heavyweight, full-service design agencies, a client is faced with a mind-boggling array to pick from.

While the initial wow factor of a design agency's website is often a major deciding factor for many people, it also pays to make sure that they tick a few other boxes before handing over your money. If they score well on the following points then you're looking in the right place...

- Are their solutions fresh and genuinely unique? Or do they use templates (particularly for web design) to keep costs down? Think of it like buying a Timex watch rather than a Rolex… It does the job, but you can hardly expect anyone to take a second look can you?

- Do they comply with the latest standards in web design? The current high standards require websites to be more accessible to users with disabilities, and you are actually breaking the law if you do not comply. Many web designers still use outdated techniques and cut corners to save money, but with consumers becoming increasingly aware of design (and what is 'good' design) you are hardly likely to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. Here at Fresh Branding we create accessible websites that comply with all the relevant regulations, and look great in the process.

- Does your designer work FOR you or WITH you? We like to treat our clients as colleagues who can add a valuable element to each project. No-one else knows your business like you do, and your know-how is therefore vital in the search for an effective design solution.

- Are they realistic? Many design agencies are willing to promise the world in order to get your money, but do they actually produce the goods? Fresh Branding prides itself in being an honest creative agency… So, if it won't work or can't be done, we'll tell you. And if we think that your money would be better spent elsewhere we'll tell you that too.

Obviously the preceding list is not exhaustive - far from it - but we hope it will give you some idea of the type of questions that you should be asking.

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